lou & grey


when it comes to clothes, I tend to go for easy, neutral, classic pieces with a modern twist. I like my clothes to be versatile, functional, and as much as possible, comfortable, without giving up style. so when I discovered the lou & grey line at loft, I immediately fell in love. aside from the fact that the line has an ampersand in its name, I loved that the current collection is in a palette of soft blues, greys, whites, and creams,  with a little bit of blush and black. I was in neutral heaven. it was almost as if someone asked me what collection of basics I would want and then made it.when loft had it’s 40% off everything sale last week, I picked up a handful of pieces that I’ve practically lived in since. I’m wearing this sweater today.

the line’s motto of sorts is “clothing for a comfortably confident life”. I say the description is spot on.

note: this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share the love.

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