wish list wednesday | summer dressing

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sandals | earrings | lipgloss (in belize) | dress | bag

this is what I would wear every day in the summer: a light and floaty white dress;  small earrings;  a pretty gloss on my lips; simple, open-toed sandals on my feet; and a classic bag that could be worn crossbody. easy, light, and free – as all things should be in the summer.

good buys

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I’ve got three things for this installment of good buys.

first up is this slip-on pair of chucks. I’ve always liked the low profile of the original, but as someone with a wide foot, they weren’t always the most comfortable or the easiest to get on. these fit my feet better – I think they’re wider in the toe box – and the slip-on factor makes getting into these a breeze. they’re incredibly comfy, with minimal rubbing on my pinky toes during the first wear (which lasted half a day!), and none at all thereafter. I was worried the stretchy heel might keep slipping off, but I haven’t had that happen at all. I usually wear a 7.5 and that’s the size I got, so I’d say these run true to size. if you have narrower feet, you might want to size down 1/2 a size.

it’s still not really warm around these parts, but it has been raining frequently. at this point, I don’t even mind getting wet so long as it’s not freezing rain or snow. on rainy days, this longchamp bag has been a lifesaver. I usually just wear this on its own, but I know of friends who carry this around folded up inside a nicer bag and when it starts to pour, take it out and slip their nicer bags into it as a chic bag-poncho of sorts. I wore the red version of this bag all through college, and my sister now uses it to lug her books around at school, so I can attest to how durable they are, which is why I sprung for another one even though everyone and their mother is wearing it. sometimes, things are popular for a reason: they work, and they work well. this time around, I went for gunmetal, a dark, cool grey that has a life-friendly black inner liner (the light colors have white liners).

and lastly, these rain booties. can you believe that these are my first ever pair of rain boots? I have big calves, and I’ve never found a rain boot with a shaft to fit so I’ve never bought one. when I saw these online, I immediately ordered them, and I’m glad I did. not only have they been useful in keeping my feet dry on rainy days, they’re also sleek and comfy enough to be worn all day if, like me, you’re not too keen on lugging around an extra pair of shoes to change into. admittedly, they don’t have the best support so keep that in mind, but I wore them for a whole work day in which I was on my feet often, and my feet were fine. fyi: I think the leopard strap is a fun addition, but I also appreciate that they’re completely removable. I’ve removed mine as I tend to dress in monochrome, but I’ve kept them to have the option to change things up sometimes.

and you? any good buys lately?

monday memo | salt water


man, I love this quote. I’ve mentioned many times how I’m at my most peaceful by the sea, I’m a big proponent of tears when they’re warranted, and I’ve always believed in good, honest, hard work.

happy monday!


the friday five


happy friday, everybody!

in a few short hours, James and I will be heading up to Wisconsin for a little weekend getaway. I’m beyond ready for a little r&r. the weather’s going to be a little chilly, but we’ll be right by the lake, so I’m happy.

and here’s the first friday five roundup:

one | I got my hair cut and colored yesterday, and it turned out exactly as I wanted. plus, I think I may have found my go-to hairdresser. new hair debut coming soon.

two | I wore suede loafers last week when the weather was hotter than I thought it would be (now it’s cold again, boo!). I kept them on as long as I could before dashing into the nearest old navy and walking out with these. some impulse purchases are bad; some impulse purchases are good. this was the latter. super cute, super affordable, and they got me my first sandal day of the season.

three | I am insanely obsessed with these scallion pancakes from trader joe’s. so good, so easy to make. I’ve been having two of these for dinner every other night. it hits the spot when I’m craving asian but don’t want to actually make a dish or order one in. I <3 trader joe’s.

four | it only took three years, but after getting HBO for free for a little while as a “we’re sorry” from our cable company, James and I are well and truly hooked into Game of Thrones. so much so that in the event we’re not caught up by the time the free period ends, James has been making noises about maybe keeping the darn thing. the GoT marathon is on.

five | I ordered this necklace about a month ago, and it finally came in. handmade in the USA, it became my favorite necklace the moment I put it on.

have a lovely weekend!

the friday five is a new weekly feature on short&lovely featuring the handful of things that were the highlights of my week. coming at you every friday, because friday is the highlight of every week.

midweek date night


for James’ Easter present, I arranged for us to take a tour of koval, the first legal distillery in Chicago since prohibition. James received a bottle of their rye bourbon for Christmas, and he became an instant fan. run by a husband and wife team, koval offers a well-edited range of small-batch, single-barrel whiskeys, a vodka, and hopefully by July, some gin. the first picture is a shot of their barrels, which are handmade out of American oak in Minnesota. the second shot is their line of liqueurs. the bottles have an antique apothecary vibe to them with their shape and the label images, but the typography used for the brand’s name is so modern, and I just really like the vibe. they tasted great as well, especially the ginger. they’d make a great present for our roommate, Jesse, so I’ve made a mental note for the next gift-giving opportunity. we had a chance to sample all of their current offerings, and my favorites were the white rye and the bourbon. I’m not a whiskey girl by any means (I prefer vodka or tequila), but the bourbon was smooth and warming, and I was surprised to like it as much as I did. the white rye was naturally more up my alley as it tasted like a super smooth and mellow vodka. James’ favorite was the four grain, which tasted close to a blended Scotch. after sampling to our hearts desire, we purchased a mini variety pack of the white rye, the bourbon, and the millet to bring home.

for dinner, we went to one of our go-tos for Indian/Pakistani food: ghareeb nawaz. this was just a 5-minute drive from the distillery, so it was an obvious choice. if you’re looking for a fancy setup, this place isn’t it, but the food is simple, delicious, and priced-right. I ordered my go-to: chili chicken paratha. the chicken was moist and spicy, and the paratha was warm from the oven. James even had a few bites of the chili chicken and liked it, which was surprising since he’s not a fan of spicy food at all. maybe 5 years of exposing him to different foods and different spice levels is rubbing off! the total for our two paratha plates, a can of RC cola (it was a Chicago night, all around), and a huge chicken samosa split between the two of us? $8.40, with tax. I love little corner places like this that give delicious, filling meals at reasonable prices. Chicago has great food, at all different price points. I have a deep appreciation for small local places doing their thing and serving really, really good food. if you’re ever up north, stop in.

any other Chicago gems I’m missing out on? let me know!

this was not a sponsored post, just sharing the Chicago love.