wish list wednesday | the james edition

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.27.51 AM

I must be rubbing off a little on my guy when it comes to fashion because the other day, he asked me for help in updating his current wardrobe. after taking a minute to make sure I actually heard him correctly, I jumped to the task. and so, today and next week’s wish list wednesday will be more male-centric than the norm.

after taking a quick assessment of what he had and what he needed, I realized that he needed updating in his daily wardrobe and his work wardrobe. right now, he’s currently trying to make his daily casual wear suitable for the office by mixing casual button-down shirts with more formal trousers and loafers, but since he works at a downtown law firm, that hasn’t been quite up to snuff. I decided to tackle his everyday, non-work wardrobe first, and next week, I’ll tackle his more formal wardrobe.

James’ natural style is very casual, so I didn’t want to do him a disservice by suddenly picking out all sorts of preppier options. instead, I just wanted to give his clothes a little update by picking out the more stream-lined and sophisticated versions of what he tends to pick out for himself for a “more put-together casual”.  so I stuck with the comfortable and casual materials he likes, like knits, chambray, and cotton, but went for a slimmer cut or a different color to add a little bit of style. he has plenty of basic t-shirts, so I went with more fun options, like a shirt that showcases his favorite font and a henley that shows off his sports allegiance. sneakers, too, get a little upgrade in the form of a classic low-top pair and a slip-on pair in sleek two-tone leather. and to top it all off, a casual blazer in comfortable cotton but in a rich indigo that happens to bring out his blue eyes. as for accessories, I went with a cognac belt with an industrial buckle since it will go with everything, and a new pair of eyeglasses in a whiskey tortoise for a nice finishing touch…and he’s due for a new prescription anyway. ;)

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