a little nectar




left: lip gloss in nectar, one swipe | right: pot rouge in hibiscus, one swipe

I’ve never really been a bobbi brown devotee. even though I’ve heard great things about the line (especially her concealer), I’ve never drifted too far from the usual suspects of nars, laura mercier, and the random chanel or ysl when I’m at the beauty counter. but when I got wind of the new nectar & nude collection, I was immediately drawn to the nectar half of the new offerings. doesn’t the shade just make you think of warm days and sun-kissed skin? it makes me think of a hibiscus in full bloom, and since thinking of hibiscuses immediately makes me think of my grandmother’s flower garden, I find myself smiling whenever I look at these pieces.

I picked up three pieces: the nail polish and lip gloss in nectar, and the pot rouge in hibiscus (so I was spot-on with that hibiscus reference!). I’ve tried the pot rouge as a blush (it can also be used on lips, but I wasn’t a fan of the color as a lip color on me), and the wear time on me is insane. I put it on at 11  in the morning, and it was still going strong after 11 p.m. when I went to take it off. this might have just made me a cream blush believer.  also, don’t be scared by the color in the pan. yes, it’s pigmented, but it’s also super blendable. I like to take one light swipe, apply to my cheek with my fingers, and then blend out with a brush until the color is soft but still noticeable. if you prefer your blush color bolder, this blush can pack as much punch as you’d like.

I’ve also tried out the lip gloss. I like that it’s not sticky but somehow manages to stay on my lips through light eating. I also like that the pigmentation shows up on my lips, though not quite as intense as in the tube. the only thing I wasn’t the biggest fan of was the initial smell/taste. it didn’t quite agree with me at first application, but after 10 seconds or so, the scent went away, and I was a happy clam.

I’ve only very quickly swatched the polish on my pinky finger to compare it to other polishes I own and to show you guys how it looks on, so no comments on longevity just yet, but I will say that application was smooth and easy.

have you tried this collection? bobbi brown fans, what are your favorite products from the line?

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