an ode to nars





this post didn’t start out as a full-on love declaration for nars. I was actually just going to talk about the new nars narsissist eye shadow palette becuase I’ve been loving it that much, but thinking about how much I loved the palette led me to thinking about just how many things from the brand I own and love. it’s definitely the makeup brand that is most represented in my stash, and all across the board, too – from eyeshadows to concealers to lipstick to tinted moisturizer. this is not to say that there aren’t some so-so offerings to be found in the line…but the number of products that have become much-loved parts of my makeup routine is downright impressive:

blush | nars’ infamous orgasm blush was the first thing I ever bought from the line, but if you noticed, that specific blush isn’t in my stash. that’s because I tossed it awhile back after realizing that even though it’s raved about, it was way too glittery/shiny for me to love. I moved on to other bigger and better offerings. in the summer, rotonde (from the nars x pierre hardy collection) and liberte are my go-tos – they have the perfect amount of pigmentation to stand up to my darker skin without veering into clown territory. the newest addition to the lineup is love, from this year’s spring collection. it’s a really lovely, really subtle soft pink that works perfectly on my still-going-strong winter tone.

lips | nars lipstick in cruising was the first nude lipstick I ever found that worked for me. in the tube, it actually looks pink, which on my pigmented lips is actually the perfect nude. I have other colors on my beauty wish list to try next, namely jungle fever and heat wave. I also love the velvet matte lip pencils. I’m not a matte lip lover, but these are perfect. Crazy beautiful colors that once set on your lips, last and last and last. cruella is an old favorite, but I recently bought dragon girl and have been reaching for that constantly.

base | the tinted moisturizer is amazing. I like the sheer but impactful coverage it gives – it’s like the better, more glowing version of your skin. I switch between the shades malaga and seychelles, depending on how dark I’ve gotten over the summer months. the radiant creamy concealer is what sold me on concealer. others I had tried were too thick and noticeable. this is light and creamy and blends like a dream. I use it under my eyes when I need a little brightening and at key spots around my nose and mouth that could use a little concealing. these two together are basically what I wear all summer on my face.

eyes | and now to the category that started it all. I swear by the smudge proof eyeshadow base – not too slick, not too oily, just enough tack to keep my shadows in place all day long. I also have several of the longer than life eyeliners – good formula, doesn’t budge once it sets. the singlesmekong (a lovely gold-infused espresso brown), coconut grove (my go-to matte dark brown), and cyprus (my go to high-lighter) – and the duos  – cordura (my go-to nude eye) and rajasthan (a beautiful duo of smoky peacock blue and golden taupe brown) – all get heavy use from me. 8 times out of 10, if I’m wearing eyeshadow, it’s one of these or a combination of them. as for eyeshadow palettes, I have two: the and God created the woman and the new narsissist palette. as you can see, the AGCTW gets lots of love from me. it’s been my go-to eyeshadow palette for travel because of the variety and versatility of shades in one slim compact. the new narsissist palette is dreamy. it’s like all the good shades in one semi-large but sleek, travel-friendly palette with a huge mirror. some reviews have mentioned that the shadows in this palette seem to be stiffer and harder to blend than their single/duo counterparts. the two shades I own individually – mekong and coconut grove – perform the same for me in the palette and separate from the palette. I can’t speak to the other shades as I don’t own them individually, but I don’t find them particularly hard to work with at all. I don’t usually go gaga over limited edition collections, but for these two palettes, I did.

any other nars fans out there?

disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. obviously, I just have a love affair with nars. ;)

10 thoughts on “an ode to nars

    1. Hes

      hi, Angela! the brighter lip pencil is dragon girl from the velvet matte lip pencil line! it’s a really nice, bright red. let me know if you end up getting it! :)

    1. Hes

      yay! a fellow nars lover. they have such a great range of products that cater to a wide range of skin tones, which is always appreciated!

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