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Heimat. the word means ‘home’ in German, the place where one was born. but the term also conveys a subtler nuance, a certain tenderness. one’s Heimat is not merely a matter of geography; it is where one’s heart lies. ” jenna blum. those who save us.

if I were the most skilled writer in the world and had every word in every language at my disposal, I still could not come close to putting into words all that I feel for this place. I wasn’t born there, and I’ve spent over 75% of my life away from it, but in all the ways that matter, this has always been my hometown. everything I am – all the goodness and love and happiness and strength in me – has its roots buried deep in this place. sometimes when the homesickness comes over me in the middle of the night, I travel there in my mind, following the dirt road as it turns towards the ocean and to a house with a blue roof at the end of a well-worn path. I know I’m close when I can smell the salt in the air.

I’d like to share with you some images of the loveliest place I know, with many of the people I love most in this big, beautiful, lovely world.







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