one pair, two ways

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 8.58.49 AM

when I saw these shoes on zara this morning, I quickly did a quick run through in my mind of 2 outfits I could pair it with (this is a test I often run in my mind whenever I’m contemplating a pair of shoes). for a dressier option, it would be a nice, edgier touch to an otherwise lady-like outfit of a pencil skirt  and a tank, with a pair of statement earrings to finish things off. the pair would work just as well with my uniform of sorts – a pair of skinny jeans, a simple top, and a leopard print clutch for a touch of sass.

these are definitely going to sit in my virtual shopping cart while I think about them some more. they’re definite contenders for a new spring/summer sandal to add to my closet, but I’ve got time. it’s not like I’m going to be wearing them any time soon with the weather around here…

happy Friday!

one pair, two ways is a new feature on short&lovely that takes one pair of lovely shoes and styles them two ways. because shoes should be easy to look at and easy to wear.

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