wish list wednesday | in flight comfort

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.31.53 PM

cozy socks | hand cream | scarf the goldfinchkitchen chinese packing light: thoughts on living life with less baggage | the story of sushi | the lion and the rose | tim gunn’s fashion bible

on long flights, my number one priority is comfort. 14 hours is a looong time to be uncomfortable. for bodily comfort, I’m wanting a pair of cozy socks/cozy sock slippers (!!!) to fend off cold feet, a hand cream to eliminate dry hands, and a giant scarf cum wrap that will serve as a second blanket for a more comfortable sleep. for my mental well-being, I’ve a little list of books I’m wanting to download on my kindle to keep my mind occupied. I’ve been holding off on reading, saving everything for the trip, so I’m ready to download to my heart’s content very soon. I’m a sucker for a little history and a little memoir and a lot of Tim Gunn, so no surprise about some of the books above. also, I’ve heard so much about The Goldfinch that now I can’t wait to dive in.

one can never have too many books at any time, but especially on a long flight. any books I should add to my list? your recommendations would be most appreciated!



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