this has been the thought running through my head this week. I’m in a mad dash trying to get all our affairs in order before we go on our trip next month, and as I’m tackling the drudgery of cleaning and putting everything away and in good working order, I’m often coming to the half-crazy idea of just throwing everything away.

not everything, but really, sort of everything. everything I haven’t used or worn, everything that has been left untouched, everything that I didn’t even remember I had, everything that’s just there occupying space. taking an inventory of everything is a little bit of a wake-up call. the trap of wanting more isn’t just limited to fashion or makeup or things of that nature – it seeps into everything, too. we want bigger kitchens so we have room to work, but maybe we shouldn’t have enough dishes and pans to feed a whole restaurant every day? we want homes with bigger square footage because we want space to grow, but couldn’t we get that space if we had less stuff? no judgment here, I’m part of that “we”. these are questions I’ve been pondering lately.

reading up on some articles about living small has me feeling spoiled in our 800 square foot apartment. and it has me admiring the simple and open feeling these small spaces have. that seems contradictory, but small spaces make you very aware of what occupies those spaces. too much or too big makes the room feel smaller while a well-edited assortment of things makes the whole place seem bigger. I noticed that while I was reading about people living small and looking at their living spaces, I was drawn to what was there as opposed to what wasn’t. I noticed things more – the stool that fit the corner just so, the individual titles of the curated collection of books, the design of the sofa that fit the back wall, etc. I noticed more because when space is a premium, what stays is the creme of the crop, the apple of the eye, the well-loved picks of those who live there. they give meaning of place and give meaning to the place, in this neat symbiosis of sorts.

I want that. I want what I’m surrounded by to be a capsule collection of what is both useful and beautiful. like Goldilocks, I want just right,  – not too much, not too little, but a perfect co-mingling of form and function, of less and more.

you now know what I’ll be up to this weekend. while I’m sorting through various corners of my apartment, I hope you have a good weekend with whatever you’re up to!


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