skincare refresh

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rms beauty raw coconut cream | rms beauty living luminizer | origins 24 hour glow kit | net-a-porter glossybox | algenist lightweight uv defense fluid spf 50 | caudalie beauty elixir | pixi glow tonic

in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been itching to refresh my skincare routine. some of the products I had been using were great, some were just okay, and I decided to move on and stop using the products I was just “meh” about. some of these new products I’ve already received and tried out; others are still on their way, so I’m still in the process of trying them out.

I have had the chance to use the algenist spf, and it’s been great. it’s completely soothed my fears that an actual spf layer on my face on the daily would feel a little too greasy and heavy. when it says lightweight, it really is lightweight, so light that I can’t even tell I have it on once it’s absorbed. I used to have a moisturizer that had spf built in, but it was one of those products that were just okay. I didn’t really feel that the moisturizer itself was pretty spectacular – I just kept purchasing it because it had spf (albeit minimal) with decent moisturizing ability. I’ve really liked using this spf on top of a separate moisturizer.

I’ve also already received the caudalie beauty elixir, and I’ve come to really like it. this part-toner and part-serum mist feels so refreshing on the face and is like a little “pick-me-up” in a bottle. not to mention that the scent makes me think of a luxurious aromatherapy spa.the pixi glow tonic is intended to replace the current toner I have. after hearing so many recommendations for it and chancing upon a promo, I decided to click it home to me for a trial. I’m excited about this one, so I’ll definitely report back how it is once I’ve had some time to play with it.I’m excited to try out this trio of products from origins. I originally planned on just trying the moisturizer on its own but saw this kit and thought I’d try the night cream and cleanser, too. plus, let’s be honest – that is one cute makeup bag.

on to rms beauty. both their raw coconut cream and their living luminizer are on their way to me. I’ve yet to find a cleansing oil I really like, so I’m hoping the raw coconut cream will hit the jackpot, and even though I have probably a handful of samples of highlighters in my makeup stash, none have really got me sold. I want a glow, not a glitter explosion on my face. I’m hoping the living luminizer does the trick.

and lastly, the net-a-porter glossybox. such a great assortment of products, with some I already love (the avene mist) and some I’ve been wanting to try but have been put off by the price (the kevyn aucoin eyeshadow, the natura bisse, the ellis faas mascara). for $40, it seemed more than worth it.

on a side note, I’ve noticed that my priciest spending in the past few months has gone more towards either purchases for our home or towards skincare/health. I think that’s a reflection of how I’ve moved on to wanting to invest in our home life and taking care of myself from the skin up instead of other more fluid things. it’s a change that happened organically, perhaps because I’m just that little bit older. it’s been a nice surprise.

happy Tuesday!

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