oh happy day


James and I bought tickets yesterday for a trip to the Philippines next month. I can’t even explain how happy I am. it’s the kind of happy where you feel like you’re about to burst with glee but can’t for the life of you put into words what you’re feeling because it’s just too much.

when everything gets to be too much and I want to find myself again in the middle of all the noise, I think about this picture and bring it up in my mind: the image of windmills turning silently in the night air, elegantly white against the backdrop of green mountains and fields, with the sound of lapping waves softly in the background and a radiant moon shining from above.

here’s to home, wherever it may be.

have a lovely weekend.

One thought on “oh happy day

  1. Jimbo

    I can’t believe we’re finally going! Very excited, and hope to share some pictures and thoughts, and hopefully funny moments with everyone here!

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