clinique all about shadow 8-pan palette in neutral territory 2

meet the new kid on the eyeshadow palette block. I picked this up last week at Sephora, along with some other hair bits, but that’s for another post. I do love me some neutral eyeshadows, and when they’re creamy and easy to blend and come in a sleek silver compact that’s pretty and oh-so-travel-friendly to boot, I couldn’t resist.

I love all the shades, but the last 4 on the right are my favorite. The 3rd and 4th shadows I’ve come to love as well – the 3rd one is particularly good as an inner corner highlight and the 4th one has been a surprisingly lovely choice in the crease when I just want a soft color to add some dimension without too much intensity. a perfect ‘there but not there’ color, if you know what I mean. the 2nd shade has been reserved for a highlighter on the brow bone and sometimes right in the middle of my lid to open up my eyes a little bit more. the only shade that I’ve yet to really find a use for is the one all the way on the left. on my medium dark skintone, it comes off just a little too frosty for my liking, at least on the daily.

all in all though, a solid palette for neutral lovers. if this is something up your alley, grab it quick – it’s limited edition. this is definitely going into my travel bag as my sole eyeshadow palette for an upcoming vacation.

do you have a favorite neutral eyeshadow palette?

p.s. if your favorite eyeshadow palette happens to be the original naked palette, please do tell me if I should give it a try. I tried naked2, and while I found the colors pretty, I thought it was a little too glittery and shimmery and cool-leaning for me. the naked3, while again pretty, just doesn’t seem like something I’d reach for on the daily either. for a wedding or a special event, I’m sure it would be lovely, but I want an everyday palette with a little bit of variety in finishes and color to give it some versatility. would naked1 be an ideal choice for  warm-toned, medium/dark-skinned me?

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