for her


“I think having just one perfume is nonsense. it’s denying the modernity of woman. you can’t always wear the same suit or the same evening dress. to me, it’s like a wardrobe: you should have everything from lingerie to a tuxedo, but always feel whatever option you choose… It’s not about smelling the same—it’s about feeling the same; you feel good.” francis kurkdjian.

taking up where mr. kurkdjian left off, for her would be the over-sized cashmere sweater in my perfume wardrobe. it’s unbelievably soft and strong at the same time. I’m always really interested in packaging, and I have a deep admiration for beautiful design. I love that the bottle, with its clean lines and transparent edges and the juxtaposition of deep black against light pink, echoes the scent’s transformation from aggressive and unabashedly sensual at first spray to elegantly subtle and surprisingly delicate at the die-down. I like to think its name symbolizes the fact that this scent celebrates the complexity of a woman.

it makes me feel wonderfully feminine, just like a cozy cashmere sweater.

happy friday!

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