Happy New Year!

I hope you had a grand time welcoming in the year last night/early morning. I had my fair share of bubbly and then some

I’m up and about enjoying a snow day in and starting the year off right with some necessary tidying – all the festivities this past month have left a little cleaning to be desired.

I talked about being disciplined earlier this week as my mantra for the new year, but I’ve decided that there needs to be a second part to my earlier resolution: being kind. Grace from stripes & sequins talked a bit about being kind to yourself earlier this week, and I took it to heart and expanded it. I’d like to be intentional in being kind, to both myself and other people. life is hard enough without making it harder for ourselves or for others. I’m going to be intentional about being more disciplined in what I choose to do, but I’m also going to temper that with a little kindness for the inevitable days when everything goes out the window. life is unpredictable, and a little surplus of kindness is never a bad thing for the times when it’s the only thing that’s needed.

wishing all of you a lovely start to the year. cheers!


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