playing favorites | january


the things I’ve been loving all cold January long:

nail polish | I’ve been switching back and forth between essie resort fling and zoya daul. the former I’ve already raved about, but once again, it’s a cheery melon, aka spring in a bottle, which is the closest to spring I’ve come to around these parts. the latter is a lovely purple with gold holographic shimmer. I’m usually a dark tips kind of girl, but even the grey-loving girl that I am is sick of all.this.grey.

drugstore bits | man, is it just me or is the drugstore killing it with great stuff lately? I’ve been having a little rimmel moment. their scandaleyes eyeliner is already a staple in my makeup bag, and I’m going to add the show off lip lacquers and the scandaleyes shadow paints to the love pile. for the lip lacquer, I have the shades stellar, a gorgeous, warm pink and big bang, a bold, classic red. the color payoff is incredible, but I’m even more impressed with the staying power. once on and dried, nothing moves. perfect for us who can’t be bothered to check up on a bold lip in the mirror every 5 minutes. as for the eyeshadow paint, I have it in rich russet, a lovely bronze. I love that it comes in tube form. I just slap some on my lid, blend with my fingers, and let it set. one shadow eye, done and done. these are available online at asos but are quite expensive. I picked up my tube in a walgreens for ~$5, so you might want to hold off until it pops up at your local drugstore. and lastly, I picked up the vaseline lip therapy in rosy lips. it was a little bit of an impulse purchase because it just looked so cute in the mini tub, but it’s been fantastic for my dry lips. it’s moisturizing, not sticky, and leaves the slightest flush of pink on my lips.

rms beauty | rms is a brand I’ve quickly fallen in love with. aside from being organic and all natural, I love the packaging and the way the products make my skin look. the raw coconut cream is a fantastic moisturizer. it doesn’t feel too oily on my skin, it’s incredibly lightweight, and it’s lightly scented, with just enough for you to smell a little bit like you’re in the tropics (never a bad thing) but not so much that you smell like a coconut grove. it’s a multi-tasker for me – sometimes it’s a moisturizer, sometimes it’s a makeup remover, sometimes it’s an all-over cleanser. the second product is the living luminizer. it’s the most flattering highlighter I’ve ever tried. it looks like you have nothing on and yet makes you glow in the most natural way. it layers beautifully with blush and is easy to blend.

jewelry | the non-beauty favorites. both were Christmas presents, both have seen almost daily use. the nixon kensington watch hasn’t left my wrist this whole month, save for when I shower or wash dishes. it’s perfect for everyday wear but can be easily dressed up for a night out. I like the clean face, and the gold and black combo is simple but striking. the whistles triangle necklace has seen lots of use, too. it’s the perfect necklace for when you want a little more interest than a simple chain but don’t want to go all out with a “statement” necklace. I think I love both of these pieces because they’re so easy. the things that become my favorites are the ones I don’t have to think about – they just fit me to a t and fit my life and style seamlessly.

have a lovely weekend!

playing favorites is an end of the month feature highlighting my favorite items in the past month. sometimes it’s ok to play favorites.

things I love


if you follow me on instagram, this little love shout-out should come as no surprise. I’ve failed so far in my attempts to make spring come faster to cold and blustery Chicago, but that didn’t stop me from painting my nails in cheery spring hues. I’m currently sporting the orange shade from essie’s resort collection, and it’s the perfect shade of cantaloupe, immediately making you think of melons and warm weather without venturing into neon territory. it’s actually a very soft color, and I’m loving how it provides such a quiet pop of color against all the blacks and greys of my wardrobe. save for the deep purple shade, all of these colors are quite pastel-y, which are usually a nightmare against my tan skin, but these actually look really nice on, including the lovely beige. if I had to choose, I would say essie is my favorite brand of nail polish, and this collection definitely made me happy around these parts. I picked up the 4-pack of minis, which is a nice option for when you can’t choose just one.

essie resort fling 2014 collection

wish list wednesday | in flight comfort

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.31.53 PM

cozy socks | hand cream | scarf the goldfinchkitchen chinese packing light: thoughts on living life with less baggage | the story of sushi | the lion and the rose | tim gunn’s fashion bible

on long flights, my number one priority is comfort. 14 hours is a looong time to be uncomfortable. for bodily comfort, I’m wanting a pair of cozy socks/cozy sock slippers (!!!) to fend off cold feet, a hand cream to eliminate dry hands, and a giant scarf cum wrap that will serve as a second blanket for a more comfortable sleep. for my mental well-being, I’ve a little list of books I’m wanting to download on my kindle to keep my mind occupied. I’ve been holding off on reading, saving everything for the trip, so I’m ready to download to my heart’s content very soon. I’m a sucker for a little history and a little memoir and a lot of Tim Gunn, so no surprise about some of the books above. also, I’ve heard so much about The Goldfinch that now I can’t wait to dive in.

one can never have too many books at any time, but especially on a long flight. any books I should add to my list? your recommendations would be most appreciated!



monday memo


hello, friends. it is still cold in Chicago…surprise, surprise. I am actually working from home today, thanks to my kind boss who decided it was too cold to have me come in alone (I’m the only  one who works on Mondays). I am now officially only two weeks away from our trip, and I cannot wait for the heat and the sunshine. until then, though, I’m going to have to seriously deal with the cold and grey. so I’m making myself a nice cup of coffee, preparing some avocado toast for a light lunch, playing some of my favorite playlists on spotify, and making some sunshine of my own. whether it’s making your favorite little snack, having a cup of your favorite tea, or snuggling in the corner with a book for an hour, I hope you get to make your own little corner of sunshine and happiness today.

stay warm, and have a good one.


seeing pink

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 9.02.46 AM

clockwise(ish): whistles necklace | coach bleeker mini riley | kate spade watch | triple c for j.crew charger | michael kors wallet | tarte blush in blissful | bareMinerals lipgloss in stunner | tarte lipstick in poppy | tory burch sandals | urban decay naked3

I don’t have a single item in my closet that is pink, except for a handful of rose gold pieces of jewelry and one MAC lipstick (lickable). but a piece of clothing? none. a pair of shoes? nope. a scarf? nada. up to now, pink has made a very minimal appearance in my life, popping up only as an accent color on the lips or as a background color in a floral pattern. it just seemed so girly, which isn’t necessarily the first adjective I’d use to describe myself. I prefer neutrals to begin with (grey, navy, black, white, taupe), but I’ve always leaned more towards a red or an orange when I want a pop of color. but man, I am crushing on pink so hard right now. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so tired of or because I’m heading to the tropics in a few weeks and I’ve got warmth and sunshine on the brain or if I’m just ready for something new, but I am gravitating towards any and all pink shades right now, from a bold fuchsia to the faintest blush. some of my favorites are above.

I really can’t wait for spring.

here’s to a lovely, colorful weekend. have a good one!

new skincare favorites


kate somerville goat milk cream | kate somerville quench hydrating face serum

 during my recent skincare refresh, I tried out several different products ranging from moisturizer to SPF to toner to serums. some I didn’t like at all and have been returned; some I’ve kept and am still trying out; and some I’ve already deemed worthy of permanent status. the two products above fall into the last category. the face cream is moisturizing and gentle. when you dispense the product (in a handy little pump the same circumference as the tub), it comes out rich and creamy but applies like a much thinner product, which I appreciate. I use it both morning and night, and I’ve found that it gives great hydration without feeling like you’re shellacking yourself with a thick layer of cream. it layers beautifully with the serum, which is clear and fragrance-free. this was an instant love for me. it absorbs so quickly and so well, leaving my face feeling incredibly soft and plump with hydration. packaged in a lovely metal pump bottle with a little window so you can see how much product you have left, it dispenses the perfect amount for my face. these two have become the core of my nighttime skincare face routine.

wish list wednesday

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.57.29 AM

rimmel show off lip lacquer in stellar | revlon colorburst lacquer in vivacious | fresh sugar lip balm in rose | sephora cotton pads | l’occitane shea butter hand cream | avene thermal spring water | neutrogena dry touch sunscreen | clarins toning lotion and instant eye makeup remover duo (travel size)

part 2 of the travel wish lists is skin-care/beauty-centered.

anticipating the warm, tropical weather has me itching for cheery pink lips. the trifecta of a (liquid) lipstick, a lip pencil, and a lip balm in a range of pink shades should do the trick.

both products in the clarins duo work well, especially the eye makeup remover (it takes everything off), and the travel size makes them a no-brainer addition to my itty-bitty carry-on pouch.

cotton pads can come from anywhere, but I want these sephora ones because of the little plastic bag that makes carrying the perfect amount easy. I intend on reusing it for all my future trips.

you can’t go to the tropics without sunscreen. neutrogena makes the best ones – no icky, greasy feeling and a light scent.

and two bits essential for the looong plane rides: hand cream and spray water. my holy grail hand cream is l’occitane (I’m partial to the almond and shea butter scents). as for spray water, I’ve tried a couple of brands, but I’m going with avene this time around. I actually have the full-size version at home and was delighted to find that it comes in a carry-on approved size. a little spritz on the face every couple of hours on long trips feels amazing and it’s one of the things that I rely on to make me look presentable when I deplane. it’s the next best thing to a shower after a long trip.

have a good Wednesday!

good buys

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 9.10.42 AM

this is a fairly new purchase, but sometimes, you just know when something’s good. after suffering through the polar vortex with mediocre boots, I rectified the miserable situation as soon as I could and ordered the boot above. with the perfect balance of warmth, traction, waterproofing, and good looks, I traipsed through the snow today with not a care in the world.

sperry top-sider for j.crew shearwater boots

good buys is a series on short & lovely  that highlights purchases that are the opposite of buyer’s remorse. some of these purchases were made at a steal; some were purchased for a pretty penny but have definitely proved worthy of the cost through their functionality and quality. who doesn’t love a good buy?

monday memo


when I came upon this quote on pinterest, I immediately thought of my grandmother. she is the most beautiful person in the world, and reading this quote brought home to me just why she is that to me. she’s quite elderly now, with a hip long dislocated and never really fixed, wrinkles aplenty, and milky eyes, all of which are the reasons are why she’s beautiful.

they are signs of the life she’s lived. they tell of the world war she lived through, of the 14 children she birthed and raised, of the time she went climbing up a tree to pick some leaves for lunch and fell, of the years of going without so that her family wouldn’t have to, of the fact that she did all of this with such a deep and unending well of grace and patience.

I try to dig my own reserves of grace and patience a little deeper every day because of her.

here’s to all the beautiful people in our lives.

have a good Monday!