getting to know you, part 1


one | I don’t like celery.

two | I adore puns and cheesy jokes in print.

three | I have a sentimental fondness for green bean casserole. it was the first American dish I ever loved. the mix of mushroom soup, green beans, and crispy onions (!!!) was so exotic and cool to my recently-immigrated 6-year old self.

four | my favorite fruits are mango & watermelon.

five | I don’t like wasabi or horseradish fruit, but I love horseradish leaves. go figure.

six | I am 4 feet 11 inches tall.

seven | I’m scared of roller coasters.

eight | I was bitten twice by snakes as a child.

nine | I love mineral water.

ten | the first tape I ever bought was the spice girls album spice. I remember impatiently waiting for the tape to rewind and trying so hard to hit the play button right at the start of ‘2 Become 1’. ah, the tricky days before digital.


One thought on “getting to know you, part 1

  1. Jimbo

    The snakes thing is sort of badass now in a way, the horseradish and celery fear and spice girls love make very little sense, and you forgot to mention you commit the cardinal sin of preferring ranch to bleu cheese on your buffalo wings!

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