Christmas 2013 gift guide: on my Christmas list

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.11.13 PM

The 7 things on my Christmas list. I zeroed in on what would be useful when I thought about what I might want to find underneath the Christmas tree this year. Of course, practical gifts don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can be quite lovely if packaged with a little charm and whimsy.

bejeweled beanie | a beanie that will not only keep my head warm but is also sparkly, grey, and will work equally well with both dressed up and dressed down outfits? yes, please.

iPhone 5s case | I’m overdue for a phone upgrade, so I will very shortly be trading in my iPhone 4 (yeah) for an iPhone 5s (yeah!). I’m going for a white iPhone this time around, and I want to keep the clean, minimal look of the phone itself going, even with a case. when I saw these white cases from the note to self shop at society6, the question wasn’t whether one was going on my Christmas list, it was which one? I’m going for life begins after coffee, a statement I wholeheartedly agree with.

pretty jewelry tray | jewelry trays are such a nice way to hold little bits of sparkle. it’s like storage and decor all in one. while I already have a healthy assortment of trays, I don’t have one this big or this deep. this would be perfect on my dressing table to place my watch and daily jewelry in at the end of the day.

card case | infinitely handy when you’re going out and don’t want to carry your big wallet overflowing with receipts. no? that’s just me? I’m calling your bluff. this one comes in a beautiful blackened violet that adds a bit of color without straying too far from the neutrals I love. bonus: this can be monogrammed. hdc, in case you’re wondering.

small wallet | as mentioned above, I am a big wallet girl. my daily wallet is my vintage louis vuitton red epi leather sarah wallet, with its 10 card cases, 2 bill compartments, zippered coin compartment, and a back slim compartment to boot, all encased in a slim rectangular frame that could pass off as a sleek clutch. ample storage without the bulk – crucial for a girl like me who carries her life around in her wallet. this is hands down the best consignment purchase I’ve ever made – excellent condition, vintage, and for way, way, way under retail, thanks to an extra 20% off (!!!) the consignment price and Boston’s friendly tax rate. that being said, I need to give it a break. I’m going for the opposite with this small wallet from Coach in terms of size, but not organization. it has 3 card slots, a window for your ID, 2 interior slots that can hold more cards or receipts, and a full length billfold. not too shabby for a small wallet. I love it in black, for maximum versatility, and that little metal plaque is just enough to give it an interesting detail.

perfume set | even though narciso rodriguez for her edt is my daily fall/winter scent, I only have a rollerball of it that’s close to running out. I was just thinking of picking up another one in the same size, but Christmas is the best time for perfume sets, so I did a little search and found this set that comes with a body cream, a full-sized bottle, and a purse spray. the packaging is lovely – sleek, minimalistic, and black, with just a hint of pink, which I think is perfect for the scent itself, which starts out strong and sensual and dies down to something softer and more delicate. don’t you love it when the packaging goes seamlessly with what’s inside?

moto boot | my current pair has been well-loved, and they definitely look the part. I hate to part with them because they’ve now reached that perfect broken-in, perfectly-molded-to-my-feet stage, but I stepped in a teeny-tiny puddle yesterday for just a half second and walked away with a wet sock, so I think it’s time to throw in the towel. these would be a perfect replacement.

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