Christmas 2013 gift guide: for the guys

for the guys
I’m one of those (annoying) people who like to get their Christmas shopping done early. As in, done-before-or-right-after-Thanksgiving-early. As I type this, I only have my mom’s present left to get (I know what it is, I just haven’t ordered it yet). If you’re not done or if you haven’t started or you have no idea what to get and you need a little help, I’m sending out a series of gift guides that may be helpful. There are 5 in total, and they’ll be coming your way from today through the Wednesday of next week.
First up: for the guys. I know the prospect of buying gifts for the men you love can be daunting – both of the leading men in my life are hard to shop for.  My dad is not one to treat or buy anything for himself, and James doesn’t have strong feelings either way about any one specific thing, so he’ll often say “whatever is fine”. Over the years, I’ve learned that the presents they’ve ended up loving go one of two ways: a) something that serves a function (this works for my Dad) or b) something nice that they want but would never  buy for themselves (this works for James). Every guy is different, of course, but hopefully this serves you up some ideas.
sweater (love the elbow patches for a little professorial vibe) | beanie | scarf (it’s reversible!) | tech gloves | socks (you can never have too many) | sneakers | chukkas | books: sailing, craft cocktails, & the architect’s home | wallet | pajama set | moccasins | shaving set | shaving soap

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