wish list wednesday

I was reminded as my fingers started to ache from the wind and cold that I need some new gloves. Pairs from years past have either mysteriously lost their mate or are looking a little worse for wear. While perusing, I came across these 9 pairs that I wouldn’t mind having in my coat pocket. Graphic gloves are great for a little whimsy, especially the ones with cute designs or sayings. Leather pairs are always chic, whether in classic black, bold red, or leopard print (it’s a neutral!). Lastly, anyone with a touchscreen device understands the concept of “fingerless” gloves. These are admittedly less about warmth and more about being able to stay tied to your phone/tablet/reader. Great until the temperatures get really low, and then that’s when you turn to the tech-friendly fingered options (psst! #1 and #2 meet this criterion, as does #6).
graphic one | two | three
leather four | five | six
fingerless seven | eight | nine

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