five & twenty



I turn twenty-five today. I feel good, like I’m ready for the next step in my life. It’s a good feeling.

I’m a big fan of lists, and as my birthday drew nearer, I started to think of all the things I wanted to get done in my twenty-fifth year. Some are huge, some are small.

one | go to the Philippines with James.

two | apply and get accepted to nursing school.

three | get married.

three | become more flexible (my knees!).

four | maintain a skin care routine.

five | take a bubble bath once a week.

six | read more. I used to be an insatiable reader, and I’d like to start the addiction again.

seven | get healthier.

eight | be more spontaneous.

nine | learn to forgive easier.

ten | take a cooking class and learn some mad knife skills.

eleven | learn to live more simply and with less.

twelve | volunteer more.

thirteen | bike more.

fourteen | drive less.

fifteen | expand my musical horizons.

sixteen | finally watch the star wars trilogy.

seventeen | finally watch the lord of the rings trilogy.

eighteen | spend a day wandering in a new neighborhood.

nineteen | be more confident.

twenty | learn to bake.

twenty-one | buy more flowers.

twenty-two | drink more water.

twenty-three | be more patient.

twenty-four | be a better partner and friend.

twenty-five | call my grandmother more often.

Have a happy Tuesday!

One thought on “five & twenty

  1. James

    1 and 3 are musts. As are 17 and 18. The rest I think are great ways to take better care of ourselves and I’ll follow them too!

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