here’s to a lovely weekend



Hurrah! It’s Friday! This weekend is a busy one, but busy in all the right ways. James turns 25 tomorrow, so we’re celebrating by going apple picking tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to bringing home some fresh apples, donuts, cider, and other fall goodies. In the evening, we’re going out to dinner at Dilman’s, the restaurant James picked out for his birthday dinner a month ago. I’ve heard amazing things about their Reuben and potato pancakes. We’re kick-starting the celebration tonight with some homemade hearty spaghetti and red wine. Thank God for Fridays before Saturday birthdays.

If you’re in need of a little weekend reading:

I want to copy Allie’s whole outfit.

the fantastic Tim Gunn and a lifetime of making it work.

stealing this fall-themed decorating idea for my wedding.

fun date night in idea: massages at home.

can’t stop listening to this album. it’s currently the soundtrack of my life.

I could spend hours reading this blog. so simple, so beautiful.

as someone who loves beautiful packaging, this was such an engrossing read.

dying to try this Maine vodka.

I can’t wait to start reading this book. for the science and beauty geek in me.

Have a lovely weekend!

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