in my closet: the skinny jean



In the second of these posts discussing what I consider tried and true basics of my wardrobe, I want to talk about that most American of clothing pieces: the jean. I adore jeans. Some women swear by skirts; others swear by dresses. I swear by jeans.

You would think that because I adore them, jeans would return the favor and adore me, but in truth, our relationship is fickle. Most pairs I try on fall into one of two categories: either the legs are too big and the waist will fit just right, or the legs fit perfectly but then the waist is gaping. I understand my combination of short torso + short legs + athletic calves doesn’t make me the easiest shape to fit, but one would think with the plethora of jean brands and cuts out there, it would be easier, but alas, no. Nine times out of ten, I walk away empty handed.

In all my years of jean-searching, I’ve found that Gap and Banana Republic jeans work the best for me. I have one pair of black skinny jeans from Banana Republic that I bought four or five years ago on massive clearance that I wear all the time, but I’m trying not to because BR no longer makes them. I don’t even know the style name actually because it didn’t say anything on the tag, so I don’t even have a way to search for it. I have tried other fits of their jeans in store, and none fits the way this single pair does. In an effort to prolong its life for as long as possible, I went searching for other skinny jeans I could put into rotation, and I came upon the Gap legging jeans. Since this is a style that the Gap continues to carry, I’ve bought several, including the skimmer version in a dark blue and black. I like these a lot because they have some stretch for comfort but not so much that they lose their shape and get baggy by the end of the day. I also love the fact that they’re offered in petite and that their petite sizing fits me. Oftentimes, I find that petite sizing works for me length-wise but not hip-wise, but Gap’s petite sizing in these jeans is spot on for me.

While I wear skinny jeans most of the time, I’m also partial to the bootcut. Again, my go-tos are from the Gap. I buy them in the ankle length because I find that if worn with a 2-3 inch boot, I don’t have to get them hemmed. No hemming = less money. Score.

I prefer my jeans dark, so the majority of my jeans are a very dark denim, black, or grey. I think the darker colors make them easier to dress up so I have the option to wear to my business casual job. I also find that the darker colors are slimming, look more streamlined, and less trendy,  meaning I can wear them for years.I have two pairs of white jeans (one to wear while the other’s in the wash), and one pair in a very dark oxblood to mix things up.

I try to time my jeans purchases to sales, especially the awesome 35% and up promos that Gap periodically runs. If I’m lucky and I snag a pair on super clearance, I pay around $25 for a pair; otherwise with a decent promo, I usually pay around $45-$50 per pair. I’ve found the Gap jeans to hold up fairly well, so while ~$50 is still pricey, it’s still fair for the wear I get out of them.

Do you have a go-to pair of jeans?

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