here’s to a lovely weekend



Happy Friday, everybody! I can’t wait for the weekend for some down time and cleaning around the apartment. I should really do laundry, and I’m hoping to do a final edit of my closet and makeup drawer to finish out the transition between seasons and put summer items away…or I could watch the episodes of ScandalElementary, and Parks & Rec calling my name on my DVR. We’ll see who wins this one.

Some lovely bits around the internet, if you’re in need of some weekend diversion:

what a beautiful fall lipstick.

beautiful fall place settings.

the perfect dispenser for sangria.

made me want to go to Iceland.

for the next time you don’t know which red to pick…

such a pretty necklace.

meet the new $100 bill…and Kazakhstan’s colorful currency.

my inner Scrabble geek is drooling at this.

the awesome Amy Poehler on the brief romance of a summer job.

took advantage of a magical sale and bought this baby.

waiting for a magical sale to grab these babies.

Happy weekend!

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