mani therapy


I’ve found painting my nails to be a fail-safe option to make a bad day better. I felt under the weather yesterday, and so I decided to stay home.  I grabbed a can of diet 7 Up to quell a queasy stomach, put on the blind auditions of this season’s The Voice (a guilty pleasure), and decided to paint my nails.


p.s. how beautiful does Sandra Bullock look?!

I’m always drawn to moody greys (it is my favorite color) and more vampy colors for the fall, so it’s no surprise that I included OPI’s Peace, Love & OPI and Essie’s Mind Your Mittens as two of the three colors I was deciding between.  Peace, Love & OPI is one of the two nail polishes I picked up from OPI’s San Francisco collection. It’s such a fun color – it has a grey base that has a holographic effect where the color changes to shades of green and purple depending on the angle  and the light. It applies beautifully, with semi-opague color in one shade, and full-out gorgeousness in two. Mind Your Mittens continues the grey theme, but with a really lovely touch of teal. I love that it’s moody yet soft at the same time. Again, application was really nice and the formula was really easy to work with. I ended up picking Mind Your Mittens for my toes. As for my tips? I surprised my grey-loving self and went with a lovely berry shade from Chanel,  April. This color actually came out as a summer release, but there’s something about the berry tone to it that I think makes it fall appropriate, even if its name says otherwise. I think of it as a classy, sexy color that would work well with fall’s rich tones.


There are so many other bloggers who do such an amazing job with nail polish application, photography, and blogging that I’ll leave that to them. I’ll just take pictures of the pretty bottles. ;)


Of course, every good mani starts out with good prep and base products.  My nail polish remover of choice is ZOYA remove+. It gets my polish off quick and easy, including my glitter ones with just a little more effort. Plus, it smells amazing. Seriously. It smells so good and less abrasive than other nail polish removers that it’s the only one James doesn’t complain about.  I love it so much that my poor bottle is almost empty.


I round out my mani prep products with CND stickey as base coat, Seche Vite as top coat, and Essie’s apricot cuticle oil  as the icing on the cake.


What do you do to cure bad-day-blues?

5 thoughts on “mani therapy

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  2. dragonmommie

    Your gray polish looks just like my WetnWild Fastdry, Gray’s Anatomy. I’m sure that yours goes on much nicer and more smoothly. Also, I’m going to see if I can find that nail polish remover.

    1. shortandlovely

      I have that color, too! It’s great. I also like Revlon’s Stormy. I’ve bought my nail polish remover from ULTA in store (they don’t seem to have it online). It’s $10, which is pricey, but ULTA always has a $3.50 off of $10 coupon, which lowers the price nicely. The bottle is also one of those pumps so you don’t have to tilt it or anything. Let me know if you find it and what you think!

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